Paints are used to protect metals, timber or plastered surfaces from the corrosive effects of weather, heat, moisture or gases etc. and also to improve their appearance.

Functions of Paint

Paint performs following functions :

  • It protects wood from decaying.
  • It prevents corrosion of metals.
  • It renders surface hygienically safe and clean.
  • It gives decorative and attractive appearance to the surface.
  • It also protects the surface from harmful effects of atmospheric agencies.

Properties of a good Paint

A good paint should have the following properties :

  • The paint should be cheap.
  • It should be easy and harmless to the user.
  • It should retain its original colour for a long time.
  • It should be able to cover maximum area of the surface with minimum quantities.
  • The painted surface should dry neither too slowly nor too rapidly.
  • When applied, the paint should form a thin uniform film on painted surface.
  • The paint should form a hard and durable coat on the painted surface.
  • The paint should not peel off from painted surface.
  • It should be good fire and moisture resistant.
  • The painted surface should not show any cracks.
  • The painted surface should possess attractive and decorative pleasing appearance.
  • Atmospheric agencies should not be able to affect the painted surface.